Car shipping and cargo prices

R-Zone Enterprises – delivering your goods from UK to Africa

Want to find out how much shipping will cost to Nigeria and across Africa? Please see the table below to find out the cost of the goods you are shipping. Once happy, please fill in a pick-up form at the bottom of the page or get in touch for more information.

How long will shipping take?

Air freight takes up to 5 days to arrive and sea freight will take up to 6 weeks.

How much will shipping cost to Nigeria & across Africa?

R-Zone Enterprises has affordable prices for sea and air freight:

  • Air freight – from £4.5 per kilo
  • Sea freight – from £1.50 per kilo
  • For container, cargo and car shipping, get in touch with R-Zone Enterprises. Our UK-based shipping company are experienced professionals when it comes to shipping goods to Africa.
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