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R-Zone Enterprises Ltd are experts in shipping cargo and vehicles to Nigeria and across Africa.

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About R-Zone Enterprises Ltd

R-Zone Enterprises was founded in 2012. We are a team of professionals offering top quality services anywhere in the UK. We specialise in the shipment of all types of vehicles and cargo to Nigeria no matter how big or small.

RZE will ship and can arrange custom clearance for your vehicles and cargo in specific continents. 

We also offer door-to-door shipping for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK and across Africa! Our customers say we have made shipping easy without compromise.

We pride ourselves on being a professional clearing and forwarding company offering top quality door-to-door delivery services from anywhere in the United Kingdom to any chosen destination in Nigeria.

With offices and drop-off outlets in major cities within the Midlands, London and Essex we are easily accessible to customers.

We serve as an umbrella company to sub-agents, so why not cut out the middle man? Instead of going to another company who will contact us to ship your freight, which will give you a longer lead time, why not come directly to us, save yourself some money and get your freight quicker? If you require a free quote, feel free to contact us today.

Providing door to door cargo services to Nigeria, using car shipping, air freight for a fast, prompt and reliable service.

Please note that air freight may take up to 5 days to arrive and sea freight will take up to 6 weeks.

Our freight services

Door to door cargo to Nigeria

Door to Door cargo to Nigeria shipping services you can rely on from the professionals. We’re your moving & forwarding professionals and promise to move your shipment as fast as possible.

African shipping

We know Africa like the back of our hand. With over 100,000 door-door shipments across the continent, we can confidently say we are experts at door to door shipping to Nigeria and the rest of Africa.
If your business entails shipping to multiple destinations in Africa, let R-Zone Enterprises can help you. We can ship vehicles, equipment and personal effects across Africa.

Car shipping to Nigeria

Since 2012, R-Zone Enterprises have shipped over 125,000 vehicles and 23,000 containers for our clients from the UK and the USA to Nigeria and across Africa. Rely on us for your car shipping to NIgeria.

R-Zone Enterprises is an experienced and established shipping company based in the UK. Please get in touch today for cheap door to door cargo services to Nigeria, car shipping and air freight. See our reviews and testimonials from other customers
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